About us


To build a virtual “Department of Statistical Science” with interdisciplinary collaboration by allying the research groups of statistical science fragmented across the University.

The formation of a researcher alliance with:
Diversity, consolidation, and international competitiveness in Statistical Science.



There are several existing groups of statistical scientists across the University:
○ those with demonstrated world-class research results: publication in the leading international academic journals with peer review, numerous awards given by academic societies, etc.
○ those in different research fields but with common technical interests: high-dimensional data analyses, big data analyses, etc. (Some breakthroughs could be shared.).




  • Enhancement of research capability through interdisciplinary collaboration among statistical scientists
  • Increase of the possibilities of winning large-scale research funds
  • Growth of potential for hosting international conferences
  • Improvement of public relations) (creating and maintaining a website)
  • Contribution to the internationalization)of departments (with research activities of post-doctoral researchers recruited through international job announcements)
  • Rise of acceptance rates for international academic journals in the related disciplines (spillover effect of the other outcomes)