Members of SSRC attended “2016 HU- HUE- SMU Tripartite Conference” on March 24, 2016.

On March 24, Prof. Koichi Maekawa, Prof. Hiroshi Yamada, Prof. Kazuhiko Hayakawa, and Prof. Wenjie Wang attended “2016 HU-HUE-SMU Tripartite Conference”, which was held at Singapore Management University. They presented their own research results at that conference.

[Session 1] 8:30-10:00 : Chaired by Peter Philips

1. Koichi Maekawa (HUE):
“Testing short-run restrictions in non-Gaussian SVAR model” (joint with Shuichi Nagata)
 2. Jiaang Liang (SMU) & Jun Yu (SMU):
“New Distribution Theory for the Estimation of Structural Break Point in Mean” (joint with Xiaohu Wang)
3. Hiroshi Yamada (HU):
“Whittaker-Henderson Graduation Provides BLUP”


[Session 2] 10:30-12:00 : Chaired by Jun Yu

 4. Kazuhiko Hayakawa (HU):
“Instrumental Variable Estimation of Panel Data Models with Weakly Exogenous Variables” (joint with Joerg Breitung and Meng Qi)
5. Zhenlin Yang (SMU):
“Initial-Condition Free Estimation of Fixed Effects Dynamic Panel Data Models with Non-Spherical Errors”
6. Wenjie Wang (HU):
“On Bootstrap and Subsampling Validity for Subset Anderson-Rubin Test in IV Regressions”
<Concluding Remark by Jun Yu (SMU) >